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28 November 2005 @ 10:28 pm
I have discovered a different kind of pain...like a numb pain, which doesnt make sense because they are oposites. But its called getting your wisdom teeth taken out! Unfortunately I had to undergo this surgery as the dentist so lightly put it. And the final result is that i have 4 holes in my gums, I'm in a sht load of pain, and the best part....I LOOK LIKE A CHIP MUNK!...my cheeks are hudge, well to me anyways.

The only fun part was getting knocked out and then waking up after the procedure and feeling like I was drunk because I couldnt feel anything. And because I'm so disabled...what does my notorious mother do..."Oh here angela your lips are dry put some lip balm on!" ok I'm thinking I can handle applying lip gloss on my lips. But it turns out that since i couldnt feel my entire face...I just put the lip gloss on my chin and on my nose!

Yahhh Thanks MOM! you the koolest:)

So if anyone tells you that you need to get your wisdom teeth taken out....RUN AWAY....far far AWAY!!
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21 November 2005 @ 08:49 pm

my pet!
14 November 2005 @ 08:51 pm
I think I figuered out how to determine if the guy is actually worth your time, and this is determined by certain words/actions...

Ok here we go:

1. He treats him mom like a queen

2. Never talks down to you (ex: grabbing your ass, gropping at your chest, or talking how great it would be to get you in bed)

3. Doesn't call you every minute of the day(that means he has no life and will ruin yours by being with him which means no friends time)

4. The way he goes about kissing you for the FIRST TIME...(that tells you almost all you need to know)

5. His hobbies and interests (if all he's into is going to club 108 and picking up girls, a red ligh should flash in your head saying CHEATER!!!!)

6. If hes cheated in the past, he most likely has not changed since then, but that all apart of the leap of faith you take by being with that person

7. If you tell him to do something and he does it that means he really does care, and i dont mean have him whipped, and kissing your feet (but it would be nice:)

8. Get to know his friends because if you know them, you can figure him out easily too

9. If you can carry on a personal and intellegent conversation where you feel free to share your past with him, thats a good thing to, someone you cant talk to means they arent for you.

10. Make sure he loves you more than you love him, because when someone fucks you (most of the time its him) you can mentally prepare yourself for it before hand:)

And there we go....I think thats everything...Women are the most powerful tempation in the world...We RULE over men:)
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03 November 2005 @ 11:07 pm
Friendships are the most fragile thing anyone can have. So easy to get, but extremely hard to keep. Time doesnt help, age doesnt either. When theres a difference in age you grow apart from the people you were so close with in the summer. You go from being family to not even saying to eachother or picking up the phone to see if they are still breathing.

Your carring for them remains obviously, but there are no longer any new bonds being made with them because your both shutting eachother out of your lives.

I wish i could go back to the summer when things were layed back, and simple. It was purely making money and going out with the people i love to be with. School officially ripps people apart!!!

I'm dropping out (ha...the day my mom lets me do that)

Moral is: I miss u, and I hope this stupid silent treatment goes away soon and you finally give me a call...well at least im hoping
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27 October 2005 @ 03:52 pm
Ok Sarah and vanessa...i know thats you guys are immature to be trying to make fun of me on the internet...thanks for having the balls to say it to me face by the way. You two are the most fukin immature people ive ever met in my life. You know all the shit that you talk about me...well imagine how many people talk shit about you guys ok...more than you will like to admit, i know a lot of your so called "friends" that also talk shit about you. You both do not fukin know me, you dont know who i am, and what my life is like. Soo do me a fukin favor and stop fukin trying to act big, at the beginning i didnt do anything out of respect for tanya, but not anymore, and dont you dare put her in the middle of this or thats just going to piss me off even more.

For the last fuking time, if you have something to say...say it to my face, dont be fuking scared because do you think i honestly care if you dont like me....um no i don't

And one more thing on top of leaving me the fuck alone, leave alana alone to, because you guys also do not know her, so thanks for being fuking hypocrites...
19 October 2005 @ 08:54 pm
How much i would love to punch my new enemy!...She's everywhere, before i couldnt find her but now i see her all the time!

Sometimes A peRsons gottA do wHat they gotta do....I HOPE I GET TO HIT YOU SOON!
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12 October 2005 @ 07:01 pm
For my Kinesiology class, we went to the science center today because there's so freak scientists that cut open some bodies and preserved them so that you can see all the muscles and bones. It was awesome, they were actually real, they kind of looked like statues but they smelled like old people smell! And then when we were hungry it took us, oooohh I don't know about 20 minutes to find the cafeteria because men don't like to ask for directions, except for alex:) way to go buddy. So skipping to the interesting part of my day on this trip. After we were done the exibit and the imax thing we went to the gift shop. I baught goop, thats right, that gooshy stuff that you squeeze in your hands and it makes stupid noises. Well anyways we are on the bus home and guess what the all famous Fallone does....he puts it in my hair! Yep IN MY HAIR...and of course it gets stuck, and I ended up looking like i had a drep lock lol

Therefore I Had to cutt a chunck off of my hair
But you cant notice it so there you go.
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04 October 2005 @ 10:04 pm
The three best things in life....IN that order lol:)...pulled missions tonight, thanks for the support from my friends...woohoo PEACE
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26 September 2005 @ 10:44 pm
On the other side of happy
Theres a line that runs thin
With the pain dripping forward
And the marks on your skin
On the other side of happy
There is something you can't tell
There is something that will help you
Get through every kind of hell
And though people say it's bad
And people say it's wrong
I can't help but feel that this pain's where I belong
I don't deserve to live
But I don't deserve to die
I suppose I'll keep on living
With this pain...
I don't know why...
24 September 2005 @ 03:33 pm
My friday night was awesome. I went to a bar downtown with Danielle and her older cousin who got us in. But the tricky part was the fact that Danielle's cousin knew the owner and I didnt pay for a single drink all night. This liberty is not a good thing, you have no boundaires when your not paying. So my offical new enemy is Tequilla, not that I actually got sick, just that I was over happy with the way I felt after about 2 hours. And it was great to because you meet the most random people and just continue on drinking. This one guy was turning 25 yrs old that night and he baught me 2 shots to have with him! The power of being a young drunken innocent blonde! Your options are endless, especially when you get the guys that want to show off so when they dance with you, they give you hickies on your neck...Yah that was GREAT to lol

Anyways good news is, is that I'm on the road to recovery as we speak!

Later Days!
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